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Name: KiboShib

Symbol: KIBSHI

Date of birth: 08 December 2022


Description: AI meme coin KiboShib is a cryptocurrency that is the result of the union between Kabosu (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). It is a fun and playful coin that is intended for use as a form of online currency for buying and selling goods and services within the KiboShib community. KiboShib is built on a secure and decentralized blockchain platform. It’s the first AI meme coin in the world!


Ethereum CA: 0x02e7F808990638E9e67E1f00313037EDe2362361

Arbitrum CA: 0xf525e73bdeb4ac1b0e741af3ed8a8cbb43ab0756

Press About AI Meme Coin:

AI Meme Coin Listings:

  • 0TRLN

    1 Trillion Tokens

  • 0%

    Fixed Supply Forever

  • 0 y

    Liquidity locked for 10 years

  • 0%

    Sent to Vitalik Buterin's Address

AI generated Meme Coin

It was all started as a joke, but the idea which was proposed by the AI is so powerful that nobody could resist!

An AI chat was asked if it could generate a meme coin which is the child of Kabosu (DOGE) as the mother and Shiba Inu (SHIB) as the father. And it did a surprisingly good job. Just take a look at the response yourself. It’s a unique ticker, sounds cool and catchy, and has a clear idea behind it with features in mind.

The AI even suggested a logo design which later has been fed to the Dall-E AI picture generator.

Kibros NFT: AI Meme Coin Bros

Main Features of $KIBSHI

An AI chat bot was asked what the main features of $KIBSHIB should be. And here is what it said:


  • Fast and cheap transactions
  • Secure and decentralized
  • Fun and playful design, featuring a Shiba Inu puppy with Kabosu’s signature round face and “sad eyes”
  • Active and engaged community of users and developers


  • Use KiboShib to buy and sell goods and services within the KiboShib community
  • Hold KiboShib as a form of digital collectible or as a potential investment
  • Use the meme coin as a means of tipping content creators or rewarding others for their contributions to the community
  • Use the meme coin as a fun and playful way to engage with others and participate in the growing world of cryptocurrency

These are the AI generated use-cases and vision which the community should help turn into a reality.

  • 01

    Liqudity on uniswap locked for 10 years (trade safely)

  • 02


  • 03

    Fair launch like SHIB

  • 04



Introducing the first AI meme coin KiboShib (KIBSHI), the new meme coin that combines the best of DOGE and SHIB! Fast and cheap transactions, secure and decentralized, and a fun and playful design featuring a Shiba Inu puppy. Join the KiboShib community and start using KIBSHI today! #KiboShib #KIBSHI


One human has limited power, but a community of driven, like-minded people can achieve anything. $KIBSHI is an experimental AI-generated meme coin, and once it gains real value and a strong community, it’ll empower the people to create interesting, creative, useful projects and things. Some ideas might generate a revenue-source for the community, while other things might just simply be for fun. But focus on creating a strengthening the community first, and all good things will follow after. WOOF!

Phase 01


AI Generated $KIBSHI Meme Coin

First in the world AI generated Meme Coin has been created and minted on Ethereum mainnet

Phase 02


Gain Strong Community

Community should become self-sustainable during 2023

Phase 03


Community Tools Development

To activate the powers of the $KIBSHI community decentralized tools will be developed. Crowdfunding platform for community/public ideas. Voting

Phase 04


IRL Merch

Crowdfunding of physical merch will be launched. Community voting on design. Design will be made by AI

Phase 05


Community Driven Ideas

Community is free to generate and fund cool ideas once $KIBSHI token will become self-sustainable and accrues strong value

Phase 06


More Fun!

Even more fun ahead! Even more utility!

Phase 07


Uniswap Liquidity Community Voting

Uniswap LP tokens will be unlocked. Community will decide either to lock it, airdrop it or burn it forever

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